Recently Updated SOP’s

Updated Policies and S.O.P.'s for Employees:

Jefferson County School Policies and S.O.P.'s fall into two categories: guidelines for the public, and guidelines for school employees. The JCS policy manual and SOP catalog contains a large number of documents, and are not always easy to find. This page contains links to the most recently added or updated documents for employees. An equivalent page is devoted to document updates for public use. As updates occur, documents will be added and cycled off of this page.

7.23 Reimbursement for Over Enrollment

4.10 Fragrance Guideline (new)

6.6 Travel Reimbursement Arrangements & Expenses (Updated)

6.6a Travel Expense Form (Updated)

6.23 Job Appeal & Analysis (Updated)

9.2 Technology Disposa(new)

6.25 Response to Offer of Service Personnel Positions

8.1 Student Transfer SOP revised 2132017

2.0 Student Transfer Procedures-Assignment to Schools revised 2132017

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