Current Education Bills

The following bills were proposed during the 2019 Regular Legislative Session. Some were signed into law, others failed to make it out of committee. Please click the bill below for a status update.

Tax credit/Supply/Materials for classroom increase

SB 6
HB 2842
HB 2852

Open Enrollment

SB 7
HB 2554

Education Savings Accounts (ESA's)

HB 2002

Pay/Bonus (Certain Teachers)

HB 2013
HB 2322


HB 2917

Mental Health/Counselors

HB 2100
HB 2383
HB 2391
HB 2397
HB 2758

Salary Increase

SB 445 (requested by Governor)
SB 578


HB 2541

Instructional Technology/Advanced Placement

HB 2865

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