Legislative Issues

After discussion with their constituents and consideration of the issues, the Jefferson County Board of Education has released their support for several legislative priorities. The priorities focus on six categories: personnel compensation, special populations, social-emotional support, hard to fill/high need teaching positions: math & special education, local share funding formula, and flexibility/local control. Specific details about what the JCBOE would like to see in each of these areas is available at the below link.



Jefferson County Board of Education 2019 Special Legislative Session Priorities


A new report called “West Virginia’s Voice,” was released by the state Department of Education on May 7, 2019. It makes a range of recommendations based on a series of forums that were held all around West Virginia.

to read the full report

The West Virginia Senate passed a comprehensive omnibus education bill called the “Student Success Act” on June 3 during a special session. The measure came in at an 18-15 vote with two Republicans, Sen. Bill Hamilton (Upshur) and Sen. Kenny Mann (Monroe), crossing the aisle and voting "No" with Democrats.

to read highlights from the bill

The House is expected to reconvene June 17 at which time they will also look at education reform measures.

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