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JCS Science Fair Boasts Great Projects

2017 Science Fair Winners

Jefferson High

Behavioral and Social Sciences

Courtney Baker and Maegan Miles, 2nd place, "Can you Tell if Someone Is Lying by the Temperature of Their Nose? 

 Lucy Payne, 3rd place, "Comparing Crime Rates and Lunar Cycles"

Systems Software

Adellar Irankunda, 1st place, "Interactive Touch Systems"

Matthew Spiker, 2nd place, "Digital Laser Communication"
Abby Snider and Andrea Walsh, 3rd place, "Protection Against High-Tech Thieves"


Robbie Barrat, 1st place, "Deconstructing Deep Neural Networks"

Applied Physics

Joseph Gentile, 3rd place, "The Combination of Many Aerospace Technologies to Create a Very Efficient Aircraft"


Washington High

Applied Physics

Mason Espinosa, 2nd place, “Fiber Optics”


Charles Town Middle

Behavioral and Social Sciences

Sarah Ward, 2nd place, "First Impressions"

Medical and Health

Patricia Boyden, 1st place, "How Clean Is Your Water?"
Ashton Fraser, 3rd place, "Does Stress Affect Your Body Temperature?"

Caleb Smith, 2nd place, "Are Dogs' Mouths Cleaner Than Humans' Mouths?"

Applied Chemistry
Emily Thurgood, 3rd place, "Preventing Cut Apples from Browning"

Amelia Marino, Honorable Mention, "Compare and Contrast:  Mummified Hot Dog"

Harpers Ferry Middle
Animal Behavior
Willson Moody, H.Mention, "Salmon Fishing, Will It Be Better"

Behavioral and Social Sciences

Hagen McGowan, 1st place, "Taste of Reality"

Medical and Health

Sophie Beddingfield, 2nd place, "Are Certain Characteristics More Prominent in Individuals With Color Blindness?"


Naomi Artlip, H. Mention, "Disinfectants in the Kitchen"

Applied Chemistry

Meghan Letterman, 2nd place, "Does Changing the Amount of Baking Powder Affect a Cupcake?" 

Pure Chemistry

Dylan Wright, 1st place, "Ferrofluid"
Dylan Gauthier, 2nd place, "The Tarnished Penny Project"

Applied Physics

Sierra Knott, 3rd place, "Ice Melt"

Pure Physics

Christianna Cote, 2nd place, "Water Clock"

Environmental Science

Quinn Healey, 2nd place, "Natural Water Purification"


Shepherdstown Middle

Behavioral and Social Sciences

Kaileena Campbell, 3rd place, "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder"
Molly Bertone and Nicole Lambert, H. Mention, "Does Smell and Color Affect Taste?"

Jenna Lee, 3rd place, "The Five Second Rule"

Pure Physics
Leo Cucuzzella and Stuart Tyman, 1st place, "Lights in Liquid"
Kyle Denobel, 3rd place, "Need for Speed"

Engineering Mechanics
Michael Poe, 1st place, "Attempting to Create a Homemade Radio Without a Power Source"
Nate Whitmoyer, 2nd place, "Solar Can Heat"

Environmental Science
Brady Chrisma, 1st place, "Are You an Energy Hog?"

Plant Science
Sebastian Veserovskiy, 2nd place, "Which Soil Should You Choose"

Nicholas Moore, 1st place, "NASA's Colorful Deception"


Wildwood Middle

Ross Elkon, 1st place, “Who Stole the Sugar? 

Applied Chemistry
Felix Flipski, 1st place

Engineering Mechanics
Joseph Saenz, 3rd place, “Windmill Power Efficiency Based on Wind Direction”

Environmental Science
Michael Pastora, 3rd place, “Keepin’ It Fresh”

Robotics and Systems Software
Ethan Thompson, 2nd place, “Racing Bristlebots”