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SMS Students Translate Declaration of Independence

SMS Declaration of Independence Students
Students at Shepherdstown Middle School put their English skills to work as they painstakingly translated nearly 500 words of the Declaration of Independence into their own words. Once translated, students took great care in replicating a modern language historical document on coffee-paper “parchment.” Students in General Education earning a grade of A or B, and Honors students earning an A on the project were honored by having their work displayed in the 8th grade hallway of their school for all their peers to see and admire. 

Students of another class, 6th grade social studies, were asked to vote on two top projects, selecting one from General Education and another from the Honors group. The judges were only asked to consider the overall aesthetics of the works, not the translations themselves. This year’s winners were Cheyenne Lay and Zad Dombrowski. A third award is also offered each year to the student who put into the project an exceptional amount of effort, achieved a grade eligible for competition, and displayed outstanding character in his or her approach to the unit. This year that student was Hunter Lang. Each received a calligraphy set to commemorate their success. Congratulations to all three winners! Pictured from right to left: Zad Dombrowski, Hunter Lang, and Cheyenne Lay.