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      • AFJROTC Mission: Developing Citizens of Character
      • AFJROTC Motto: Building Better Citizens For America
      • Our Vision: To Become the Finest AFJROTC Program in the Nation
      • Our Motto: Scholarship, Leadership, Citizenship
      • Our Goal: For Every Cadet to Continue Their Education After High School

Quote of The Week

Accept everything about yourself - I mean everything, You are you and that is the beginning and the end - no apologies, no regrets.
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Some Men See Things As They Are, And Ask Why. I Dream of Things That Never Were, And Ask Why Not.
Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.
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Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.
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Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.
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~Bobby Kennedy


  • Kitty Hawk Air Society Applications

    KHAS applications are once again open for first year cadets in addition to the rest of the Corps. Applications can be found in the Cadet Resource Center in addition to the Instructors' classrooms. All applicants are required to read the Kitty Hawk Air Society Continuity File in the Cadet Resource Center. In addition, proof of your current, weighted, cummulative GPA is required. Guidance Counselors have been briefed on this matter. To receive your GPA, simply tell your counselor you applying to the Kitty Hawk Air Society and have them sign your application. Applications are due by completetion of business day Friday, December 16 and should be turned in to the KHAS Commander's mailbox in Port 5. Applicants will be scheduled for a KHAS Panel Review upon the conclusion of the application period. 



    All cadets who failed the promotion test and were interested in retaining their rank must have attended four intervention meetings. There will be a final meeting held Thursday, December 15 during Cougar Hour B. Those who have attended all four sessions will be subject to a random promotion test. All cadets who failed to attend four intervention sessions will immediately lose their rank next Thursday.


    Cadets Leaving at Semester

    All cadets who are dropping ROTC at semester will be required to turn in all articles of their uniform and if they do so before their exam day will receive a 100 on the uniform portion of the exam.


    ROTC Recruiter

    A cadet from Texas A&M ROTC will be outside the cafeteria on December 21st. during Cougar Hour if any cadet has questions regarding Senior Military Colleges or ROTC in general.


    Cadre Applications

    Cadets who are interested in applying for an MCOLS 2017 Cadre Application must turn in an application to Major Suydam prior to Wednesday, December 21st. Applications are located in the Cadet Resource Center.


    Upcoming Honor Guard Practices

    There will be Honor Guard practice this Wednesday and Thursday during Cougar B, as per usual. Special dates to be aware of:

    Mandatory parade practice for Harpers Ferry participants- Friday, 12/9 during Cougar B


    Albert Yanni Scholarship

    Located in the cadet resource center are copies of the Albert Yanni Scholarship which is awarded to students who have spent four years in CTE programs and will continue their education the same field.


    Leaders Meeting

    There will be a mandatory leaders meeting on Wednesday, December 14 during Cougar A in Port 5. All leaders of the position Flight Sergeant or higher must attend. If you are unable to attend, notify the Group Commander immediately.


    Harpers Ferry Christmas Parade

    Please note the following changes: the Harpers Ferry Parade will be held on the 10th of December. Cadets must arrive at the Harpers Ferry/Bolivar Cemetary at 1330. Transportation will NOT be provided. The parade will step off tenatively at 1430. The parade will conclude at the Harpers Ferry Post Office. Pickup time will be approximately 1445.


    All cadets will be required to wear SDU and female cadets must wear their issued slacks and low-quarters.


    If a cadet participates in the entire parade on the 10th, they will be exempt from wearing uniform the following week. Cadets who participate in the Charles Town, Shepherdstown, and Harpers Ferry Parades will receive the Drill Team Ribbon.


    Uniform Reminder

    All cadets who participated in the holiday parade Saturday, December 10 will be excused from wearing the uniform this Tuesday, December 13.


    Shoe & Coat Fund

    With the Shoe & Coat Fund coming to an end, our unit has collectively raised over $36,000 in contribution to the local charity with more donations still coming in. This is an incredible feat that could not be achievable without the immensely motivated Corps of Cadets we house here at Jefferson. Every cadet should be proud to be a part of such a great accomplishment.


    Our goal for this year was set at $25,000 which we have far surpassed. Last year we collected $22,000 and, in years prior, we have never come close to reaching the magnitude at which we are at now. Congratulations to everyone.


    Our top contributor this year was Andrew Panzarella with $3,040 followed by Zachary Knott with $1,750. Lima Flight brought in the most money at $4,727 followed by Kilo Flight at $4,702. Lima Flight brought the most money per cadet at $787.87 followed by November Flight at $320.67. Overall 54% of our corps participated in the fund this year.

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