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County boards of education are required by law to have an approved ten-year comprehensive educational facilities plan (CEFP) active and on file with the WVDE and the SBA.  Since the last planning cycle concluded in 2010, several counties have amended their CEFP to reflect completed projects and changes in the educational philosophy adopted by the local board.  However, county boards are required to revisit all previous data and formulate a new CEFP every ten years.  

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to serve. Once the committees complete their work later this month, there will be a series of public hearings for the entire community to offer insight.

There are four public forums scheduled to help plan for continued success!

Tuesday April 9, 2019 Wildwood Middle School

Thursday April 11, 2019 Shepherdstown Middle School

Tuesday April 23, 2019 Harpers Ferry Middle School

Thursday April 25, 2019 Charles Town Middle School


All  forums will be held from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. 

1. Safety and Security Committee: Focusing on the safety of current school buildings, vehicles, campuses

Sheri L. Hoff, Ed. D. Director of School Safety
Sgt Ben Williams Jefferson County Sheriffs Department, JHS SRO
Cpl J.T. DeSarno Charles Town Police Department, WHS SRO
Jeff Cisar FBI
Zach Morgan Shepherdstown Fire Department, Fire/EMS
Kelly Osbourne Principal, DES
Mary Beth Group Assistant Principal, JHS
Erin Maranda Teacher/Parent, HFMS
Steve MacKenzie Parent/ Community Business Leader
Leonard Lowe Parent/Community Business Leader
Frank Yurkovich GSE, Community Member
Kimberly Savage Parent/Citizen
Paul S. Rosario Parent/Citizen
Randy Jones OWPR Architect 

2. Athletic Facilities Committee: Focusing on athletic opportunities and needs at each of the county's schools

1.) Wendy Dodson – County Employee
2.) David Kling –  Jefferson County Parks and Recreation
3.) John Lowery – JHS Coach
4.) Quintina Reddington – Community Member / Parent
5.) Shelley Schafer – Community Member / Parent
6.) Dale Shaffer – WHS Athletic Director
7.) John Shoedel  - Community Member / Parent
8.) Bill Stewart – JHS Athletic Director
9.) David Viands – WMS Athletic Director
10.) Alexander White – Athletic Facilitator
11.) Matt Wink – CTMS Principal

3. School Maintenance and Infrastructure Committee: Focusing on the needs of current facilities and looking at areas where expansion and major repair are required

Ralph Dinges, Chair
Leonard Lowe
Kevin Hamilton
Keith Moran
Rebecca Horn
Bill Stewart
Scott Jacobson
Joyce White

4. Social-Emotional and Mental Health Support Services Committee: Focusing on the necessary tools and facilities to assist and support students and staff

Kathy Lloyd (nurse)
Ingrid Daily (nurse)
Paul S. Rosario (parent/citizen)
Stephen Stevens (parent.citizen
Amy Chrisman (counselor)
Jennifer Mills (counselor)
Cari Jubb (counselor)
Pam Warriner (service)
Lynne Turner (service)
Dr. Dave Didden (JC Health Dept)
Julie Grey (JC Health Dept)
Victoria Slater Madert (Children’s Home Society)
Deb Barthlow (Health and Human Services Collaborative)
Gloria Shoemaker (Youth Advocate Program)
Jenna Hott (Safe Haven Child Advocacy Center)
Mollie Ravenscroft (Family Resource Network)
Shelly Nicewarner (DHHR)


5. Education and Instruction Committee: Focusing on what infrastructure changes need to be made in order to better prepare students academically

Chairperson: Patrick Blanc
Principals: Ian Hillman, Kelly Osborne, Sherry FitzGerald
Teachers: Joyce Ashworth, Louise McDonald, Anna Fennel
Parents: Andrew Osantowske, Kim Graves
Community Leaders:
Instructional Aides:
College Representatives: Virginia Hicks 
Central Office: Sherry Hetzel, Tara Mahoney, Debbie Arvon, Cathy Ferro, Lee Ebersole

6. Fine and Related Arts Committee: Focusing on opportunities and needs at each of the county's schools in the area of art, theatre, music

Ralph Dinges, Chair
Karen (Chad) Conant
Angela Flook
James Miller
Jennifer Vogel

7. Business and Community Partnership Committee: Focusing on what community and business leaders believe could be added to existing facilities or built in the future to benefit students and employees of Jefferson County Schools

David Kling - Jefferson Co. Parks & Rec.
John Holmes - EPIC
Amy Panzarella - APUS
Harsha Hatti - CoreLinq
Libby  Strum - Community Member
Wendy Dodson - Community Member, JCS employee
Joyce Hampton - Community Member, JCS employee

8. Long Range Planning and Growth Committee: Focusing on what new facilities the school system may require to accommodate students over the next decade

Ralph Dinges, Chair
Jennifer Myers
Jinny Demastes
Joseph Spurgas
Bondy Shay Gibson
Alan Sturm
Ryan Hutcherson
Chris Walter
Keith Moran
Joyce White

9.Technology Committee: Focusing on available technology in the classroom and at each school, as well as looking at future needs

Mike Davis
Anne Mathena
Sherry Hetzel
Tara Mahoney
Debbie Arvon
Cathy Ferro
Patrick Blanc
Ryan Levoy
Paul Keys
Kim Graves

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