Update on WHS Track

Update on WHS Track
Posted on 11/04/2019
Dear WHS Families,
We appreciate all of the support you have shown while we invest in upgrades to the Washington High School athletic facilities.   We believe it is a vital part of the student experience to be able to enjoy extra-curricular activities and for us to provide safe, accessible venues for those experiences.   Given the wide range of extra-curricular activities at Washington High, we sometimes experience conflicts.   We always work to resolve this for the greatest good of all our sports and activities regardless of their size.   
In a collaborative effort, the facilities staff, Washington High School administration and central office staff met to review all available options for an installation schedule.   With regard to the installation of the tracks at JHS and WHS we made the unanimous decision to change the order of installation to place WHS second to support the soccer and football athletic programs.   At the same time, track season begins at the first of March.  To complete the track in the needed weather range without losing several weeks of track season, we needed to begin installation in late October at the latest.  We determined that October 28th allowed us to complete all but one game of both sports and to anticipate (based on the previous year weather patterns that were reviewed) that the track could be completed in a timely manner.  Had the ideal conditions occurred the track would have been sufficiently cured to allow foot and vehicle traffic for the last WHS home game.   
This process requires a total of 14 days in good weather conditions.  Based on the track installation at JHS, in optimal weather conditions it was possible that the contractor could complete the track prior to this last game at WHS.   Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate.  Temperatures must be at least 30 degrees for material installation.   While we understand everyone's eagerness to play at WHS, we cannot risk damage to the new WHS athletic facilities in which we have invested more than $750,000.   
We understand completely that it is difficult to compromise.   We wish as much as you do that we could have threaded the needle and brought about the ideal conditions so that no one had to compromise their ideal experience in order for us to honor all of our student athletes.   However, that is not always possible.  We thank you for your understanding and support.   We continue to commit to honoring all of our students and giving them the best experiences possible as we help them develop into citizens.   Part of that development is to learn to plan as well as possible with all the information available to you, adapt when conditions allow and to find the inner strength to move forward when life's inevitable disappointments occur.   We will make WHS students' final game experience a positive one and welcome your partnership with any special activities you believe would help make positive memories for the students.   While JHS is a rival, it is also a Jefferson County School full of your friends and  neighbors.  Trust that they are as invested as you are in seeing your children succeed and enjoy their school experience.    We are always better together and we appreciate your trust and support in helping our students thrive in school and beyond. 

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