Superintendent Pens Letter for Teachers

Superintendent Pens Letter for Teachers
Posted on 05/10/2019

“And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” Galatians 6:9

In a world of increasing noise and negativity, let us pause for a moment to praise the joy givers; those who make space for the quiet thinkers and remind us all of the better angels of our nature.   Society tends to think of teachers as shaping the future.  This is true in many ways large and small.   However, they do this by being present in the moment.   Teachers notice the new haircut, they kneel down to eye level for the morning hug, they remember your cat’s name, they know that you do not like raisins in your cookies and that they need to stand close and reassure you in math class because you truly fear fractions … A hundred times a day in a hundred ways they commit small intentional acts of kindness and care.  Teachers do this not as a reward for “being good”, unsurprisingly to the parents of the world children do not always act in “good” ways, but simply because they exist.   In fact, teachers understand that it is often precisely in those “not good” moments that children need them the most.  Teachers see you as someone worthy of all the love and belonging that this world has to offer and in doing so, help you to see yourself as worthy.   That is their superpower.   
Teachers are the connectors holding us together against all of the forces that conspire to pull us apart.   They laugh with the children of Republicans and Democrats, they support the children of Christians and Muslims, they feed the children who speak Spanish and those who speak English, they care for the children of the addicted and the sober.  Indeed, they teach and they teach and they teach.   The greatest of their lessons involving nothing that can be found in a book.
In doing this work, teachers do not magically awaken each day to a song in their heart and rainbows overhead.  They suffer the same disappointment and pain and frustration that every adult has in their life.   They consciously choose to put those things aside and give themselves over to the task of being present for children.  In doing so, they teach us all the life altering power of one human being choosing generosity over judgement in every interaction.  It is a much needed lesson for all of us.    

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