SREB Recognizes JHS Students

SREB Recognizes JHS Students
Posted on 08/26/2019
ATLANTA, Ga. – More than two dozen students at Jefferson High School (JHS) are being recognized by The Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) for scoring at the Proficient or the Advanced levels on the Advanced Career (AC) Energy and Power Course 1 and Course 2 End-Of-Course assessment.
Advanced Career is a rigorous sequence of career-technical courses developed with the advice of national industry partners with the goals of providing technical knowledge and skills to earn a living wage;  academic and technical skills that prepare for college without the need for expensive and time-consuming remedial courses; a behind-the-scenes look at the industry through field experiences; and a chance to work with an industry mentor.
Advanced Career teachers participate in rigorous training to learn modern technical skills and the use of non-traditional and student-centered methods to help students develop creativity; use problem-solving skills; experience working with a peer team; interact with industry professionals; and speak to audiences including industry professionals.
Jefferson County Schools Deputy Superintendent for Instruction Shawn Dilly said JCS is proud of the accomplishments of students achieving this significant milestone.
“The Advanced Career Education (ACE) program is an important opportunity for students to acquire advanced technical skills and knowledge surrounding specific industry sectors.”
The following students meet the criteria for AC certificates:
Energy and Power – Course 1 : Michael Swisher, Kerry Campbell, Loki Kern, Jacqueline Stanford, Nathanson Gageby, Annie Lawyer, Brennan King, Lloyd Tracy, Nicholas Moore, Blake Bedner, Jack Ransom, and Kahlea Williams. Energy and Power – Course 2: Matthew Spiker, Zachary Knott, Isabelle Liddell, Jacob Wenner, Kristian Moore, Abdiel Gonzalez, Justin de Moulin, Zachary Bandler, Jaden Elliott, Adrienne Glenn, Benjamin Maiden, Robert Hardt, and Gavin Moore.
The AC EOC assessments were administered in April, 2019 – June, 2019. 
The program of CTE study prepares students for college and career opportunities in a high-demand STEM fields crucial for the American economy.  
The Jefferson County Board of Education will honor the students during a future event.
To learn more about SREB’s Advanced Career STEM Pathway Academy curricula,

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