Jefferson High School Graduate Flying High

Jefferson High School Graduate Flying High
Posted on 09/13/2019
MORGANTOWN, W.Va. -- Jacob Wenner, a 2019 Jefferson High School (JHS) graduate, is living his dream of learning to fly.
At JHS, he was a member of the Air Force ROTC and achieved the rank of Lt. Colonel.   
After graduation he attended the AFJROTC Flight Academy where he earned his Private Pilot License.  
He attended Florida Memorial University where he learned flight skills at Endeavor Flight School.  
As one of the 150 cadets chosen out of 1500 in the United States, he received a scholarship to attend the flight school.  
He attended this school for eight weeks, during which he took classes and learned to fly, flying over Miami and several beaches in Florida.  
After the first four weeks of instruction, he was flying every day.  His instructor told him he was a natural, and he took his first solo flight just three weeks after he arrived.    
Within five weeks into the program, he took his first solo cross-country flight, requiring him to fly to another airport.  
To earn his pilot’s license, Wenner had to complete a series of tests, including a written exam.  
He received the second highest score of 95% out of all the students who attended.  
His next test was an oral exam where one of the administrators from the flight school asked a series of situational questions.   
Flying the plane was his final test.  
He passed all of the tests and was awarded all three wings and certificates from the university.  
He is currently attending West Virginia University where he will be a part of the Air Force ROTC program.  
He hopes to become a professional pilot and continue his passion for flying

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