Jefferson County School Buses Respond to Collision

Jefferson County School Buses Respond to Collision
Posted on 12/11/2018
SHENANDOAH JUNCTION, W.Va. – Jefferson County School buses were at the ready Monday night when a tractor trailer collided with Amtrak's long-distance train to Chicago.
Dr. Sheri Hoff, Jefferson County Schools Director of Attendance, and the school system’s routing specialist Larry Willingham coordinated with emergency officials and sent five school buses to the scene near Luther Jones Road and Charles Town Road shortly after 6:00 PM.
Jefferson County Schools Transportation Director Joyce White said her department is part of the county’s emergency plan.
“If you need to evacuate a large number of people we respond to the scene and have our bus drivers standing by.”
The buses weren’t needed in the end as passengers were told to wait on the train and the buses were released, but White said they are at the ready anytime they get the call.
“We coordinate that effort every single time,” White said. “We gather up our CDL drivers and get the requested number and we get to the scene as fast as we can.” 

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