Driswood Elementary School Hosts EL Summer Camp

Jefferson County Schools Offers English Learner Summer Camp
Posted on 07/18/2018
Students learned about the rain forest
– Jefferson County Schools continued the English Learner (EL) Summer Camp Program this year, expanding the duration of the camp. Last summer the West Virginia Department of Education offered a one-time supplemental grant of $15,000 in federal funding to start a one-week experience for students at Driswood Elementary School. 
Lee Ebersole, the Coordinator of Federal Programs and School Improvement, said Jefferson County Schools has the largest number of English learners of any other district in the state, and so was an ideal choice to pilot the program.  This year $25,000 in federal carryover funds were allocated through Title III to double the duration of the program to two weeks.
The camp focused on arts integration while allowing students the opportunity to enhance English language proficiency.   The funding allowed for transportation services that opened the experience to elementary students throughout the district. Kelly Osborne, who is an ESL-certified teacher and principal for the camp, said it is an amazing opportunity. She said they were able to fully staff the camp to provide a one-to-four ratio of teachers to students to enhance the learning experience.
There were 25 participants. Students were given an opportunity to participate in STEM (Science, Technology, Math and Engineering) as well as the arts. They also went home with a number of brand new books they had a chance to explore with their classmates during the camp. This year’s theme was rain forests. 

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