8th Grade Students "Get A Life"

8th Grade Students "Get A Life"
Posted on 05/22/2019
RANSON, W.Va. – Jefferson County Schools’ Eighth Graders got a lesson on real-world financial literacy with the “Get a Life” Program. 
Students had the opportunity to see what it might be like to manage their own finances once they finish high school through a 90-minute simulation. Students were assigned a job, family, and monthly income right out of high school and then asked to make purchases such as a home, vehicle, and groceries. They also have a chance to do the same thing with a better paying job that might involve some education or training beyond high school.
Get a Life is part of West Virginia State Treasurer John Perdue’s NetWorth Program that seeks to teach personal financial management in all of West Virginia’s public schools. A character called the “Green Reaper” plays a role as well, handing participants cards with unexpected costs like a broken appliance or car accident.
Coordinator for the Get a Life Activities Pat Ramsburg said that West Virginia High Schools only require nine-weeks of financial literacy, which leaves many students unprepared to deal with their finances beyond school.
“They are surprised how much it costs to buy a house and buy a car and get insurance and groceries,” she said. “They have no idea what it costs, and they seem to think they have to spend every dollar,” Ramsburg said. 
Eighth Grade students at Charles Town, Harpers Ferry, Shepherdstown, and Wildwood Middle Schools participated in the program at the Ranson Civic Center on May 21 and 22.  

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