Summer School 2020

Summer School Registration

Summer School Dates:  June 23 - July 23, 2020

The 2020 summer school credit recovery program will be conducted virtually.  Students will not report on site, but rather, will receive their credit recovery instruction via online platforms.  Additionally, no tuition or fees associated with summer school will be charged this year.  (Si necesita ayuda en español, por favor llamar al 304-728-9224. Esperamos comunicarnos con usted. Gracias.)

For which summer school program are you applying?

Do you currently have an electronic device suitable for online education?  

Do you request a county-provided electronic device? 



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Students may only register for one class at this time.  Middle school courses are listed first, followed by all high school course offerings.  High school students may choose to complete a second credit recovery course if they finish their first course early.  For registration purposes, only sign up for one class that you wish to take first.  If a student is taking P.E. they can not sign up for any APEX credit recovery courses.  Health is being offered as an original credit as well as credit recovery; both will be taught using the online APEX program.

Please select a summer school course 

*Please contact your school if you are unsure which class is needed for credit recovery.

Does the student currently receive special education services in the form of an IEP or 504 Plan? 

The virtual summer school program will begin on June 23, 2020.  All students registering for virtual summer school will be emailed instructions for particiaption closer to the start date.  Questions regarding which class is needed for credit recovery should be directed to a school counselor.  Thank you.



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