Student Transfer Form

JCS Student Transfer Form

All questions are required to be completed.  One student per form must be submitted annually.  Transfer forms must be received on or before December 1 for JCS employees and January 31 for all other K-8 requests.


School Year for Requested Transfer (20XX-20XX)

Grade Level for Requested Transfer

Email Address


Last Name

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Student Age

Current School District 

School District Student Wishes to Attend 

Name of Parent or Guardian (First and Last) 

Home Phone Number 

Cell Phone Number 

Mailing Address

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Check if JCS Employee

Employee Location 

Employee Position 

Relationship to Listed Student 


This transfer is contingent upon:  Parent providing transportation, student maintaining satisfactory attendance, behavior, and timely remittance of lunch bills and school debts. 


Please be aware that the West Virginia Department of Education mandates a maximum number of students per class (grades K-6). Therefore, if your child's class size exceeds the maximum limit, the transfer will be rescinded.  The decision to rescind a transfer may be made up to and including the first day of the school year.

By providing an electronic signature (type your name), I am confirming that this application is true and accurate and I have read and understand Part I upon which the transfer can be approved or denied.


  I acknowledge that typing my full name in the box below serves as my electronic signature.

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