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Dear JCS Families, 

Over the past four years, Jefferson County Middle Schools have been working on being able to increase the opportunities for ALL students to experience rigorous coursework that both expands upon the existing middle school curriculum and prepare the student to engage in higher level coursework. In 2016, a pilot program based on an honors rubric system was launched.  This program was designed to encourage more students into pursuing honors recognition.  Our goal as a district is to academically challenge all students in better preparing them for society.  

After four years of implementing change to the rubric honors program based upon data and feedback, we are now confident to be able to introduce our honors rubric program to sixth graders in Math and ELA, seventh graders in ELA, Social Studies, and Science, and eighth graders in Math, Social Studies, Science, and ELA.  ALL students, both virtual and in-person, will be given vast opportunity to pursue this honors recognition 

The honors rubric will assess students based upon the following categories:

Motivation and Work Ethic
Collaboration and Leadership
Communication (Verbal/Written)
Depth of Knowledge
Intellectual Curiosity 

We hope that you as caregivers will join us and encourage your student to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity.  As a district, we strive to provide as much educational choice to our students and caregivers.  We believe that these additional honors opportunities will open the doors of educational achievement that for some students seemed closed.  Thank you for your trust as we provide the best educational opportunities to the students of Jefferson County.  


Joel Silver
Jefferson County Schools 
Middle School Coordinator

Honors Rubrics for JCS Middle Schools

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