How to _______Files

Create a New Student in Odyssey

Finalize Senior Grades (for High School Teachers)

High School teachers who have seniors in their class can use this document to show how to finalize their senior students' grades at the end of the year.

Reset My Teacher Password in AR/Star

Save LiveGrades Progress Reports to a Computer

Use this document to keep a record of all student Progress Reports for OEPA documentation.

Set My Grading Scale in LiveGrades

LiveGrades requires the teacher to set their grading scale at the beginning of the year for Elementary and Middle school teachers, and each Semester for High School teachers. This document will walk you through the process.

Unprotect/Reprotect a Protected Excel Spreadsheet

Some spreadsheets have protected cells so that users do not remove formulas, text, etc. To modify the sheet, you must first unprotect the spreadsheet.

Use the School's Konica Copier to Scan a Document to a USB Drive.

This document will walk you through the process using your USB with the Konica copiers.

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