JCS Television


About JCS Television

JCS Television began broadcasting on Comcast Cable Channel 18 on March 27, 2000 as an Electronic Bulletin Board. Throughout the years that followed, JCS-TV evolved into a fully operational station with studio facilities, remote capabilities, non-linear editing workstations, and a sizable student at Jefferson and Washington High Schools, ranging from grades nine through twelve. In addition to the JCS news and informational programming, JCS Television regularly records Board of Education meetings, seasonal concerts, special programs, awards assemblies, and high school graduations.

Student staff members have the latitude to produce independent projects and special programs, including sports talk shows, debate talk shows, academic spotlights, music videos and dramatic productions.

Although the communication of information has gravitated toward the Internet, Jefferson County’s cable subscribers still enjoy and benefit from Channel 18 for school news and information pertaining to emergency or weather related school operations.

The use of JCS Television as a public relations and informational tool has demonstrated the power and value of cable television and video programming to Jefferson County Schools.

After a hiatus from studio production, JCS Television has recently reestablished the studio facility, and is now located at Washington High School, 300 Washington Patriot Drive, Charles Town, West Virginia.

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