Personnel Request Form

Personnel Request Form

Before the process of acquiring personnel is initiated, individuals making the request must meet with a representative of the Jefferson Leadership Team (JLT) for approval to continue with the request.  The following steps must also be followed:

STEP 1:  Request for additional or replacement of personnel will come from the principal, director, or supervisor through the Personnel Request Form and presented by the requestor's JLT representative.

STEP 2:  The approval of the Jefferson Leadership Team must be obtained first.

STEP 3:  Request form must be signed by all individuals involved such as the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction, and the appropriate Program Director, when applicable.  The Chief Human Resources Officer and Chief Financial Officer must sign all requests to acknowledge the new position and indicate budget approval, respectively.

STEP 4:  Chief Human Resources Officer will begin the process needed to acquire the services of the individual or individuals requested.

NOTE:  If request is for an additional position, rationale for this position - the Human Resources Justification Form - must be completed (PART B of this form)



Name of Person Submitting Request  

Email of Person Submitting Request  


Type of Position  

This is a (please choose):

Replacement Position (if yes, provide employee ID):  

New Position (New positions require attachement of rationale)

      If this is a new position, a funding source code must be identified:

      New Position Funding Souce Code:

Position Change (i.e. contract days, stipend, title): Requires attachment describing need for change and funding source for any additional fiscal requirements.

     Position Change Funding Source Code: 

Name of Requested Position/Title

Regular Full-time or Part-time

Proposed Start Date mm/dd/yy: 

*Positions exceeding a 200 day contract MUST identify work calendar and duties for additional days and submit in an email to the Chief Human Resources Officer.

REASON FOR REPLACEMENT:  OR Other (please explain):

Contact Person's Phone Number:

Posting Days (choose one) 10 Days 5 Days

External Advertisement (choose one) Yes  No

If yes, please specify: 



JUSTIFICATION FOR NEW POSITION - Please fill out PART B in it's entirety:


JLT Member Signature  


Superintendent or Designee Signature  


Chief Human Resources Officer Signature


Chief Financial Officer Signature





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