Black Teacher Association

BTA Summer 2020

Black Teacher Association: Mission and Vision Statement 2020/21

The Black Teacher Association of Jefferson County WV was created to provide social and emotional support to representative staff, service personnel, and students. An exchange of ideas and strategies will occur in a forum to improve opportunities for these educators, administrators, staff and students in the Jefferson County School Community. Our vision is for every student to benefit from excellent leadership of a diverse, empowered collaborative team.

Mission Statement

Due to the disproportionate representation of Black teaching staff and leadership, as well as opportunities for advancement, our mission is to:

  • Promote and facilitate the education of all students of color, with a particular focus on African-American students;
  • Establish a coalition of African-American educators, administrators, and professionals who are directly or indirectly involved in the educational process;
  • Identify and encourage African-American professionals and leaders to influence public policy about the education of African-American students in Jefferson County Schools;
  • Cultivate students as leaders and citizens by educating them about global issues, and offer them extra-curricular opportunities and contemporary first-hand experiences; and 
  • Continue to build the leadership capacity and pedagogical skills among educators to transform all Jefferson County Schools into learning communities where learning experiences are equitable, responsive, and liberating.

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