Cultural Unity & Equity

Jefferson County Board of Education, West Virginia
Policy on Cultural Diversity

Jefferson County Schools are committed to the principles and practices of education that recognize cultural diversity as an essential ingredient to the success of a democratic society and to the fulfillment of the school system's mission to provide a "Quality Education for Every Student." This commitment is directed toward the elimination of racism and the removal of cultural barriers wherever they may exist in the school system, including intentional or unintentional discriminatory practices in classrooms, schools, offices, and other work places.

The goal of Jefferson County Schools is to prepare students to live and work in a global, multicultural society by creating and supporting a teaching-learning environment where all employees and students understand and value commonalties and differences within and across various cultures in order to produce a harmonious community of lifelong learners. Contributions to this education process will require staff, students, parents and community involvement as well as interagency collaboration.

Jefferson County Schools are committed to providing opportunities for all staff to learn about various cultures and to improve their skills in cross-cultural communication. The school's system shall continue to promote a diverse work force by increasing personnel recruitment efforts and by fulfilling the commitment to maintain a school system free of prejudice and illegal discrimination in all aspects of employment.

In an ever-changing society, it is necessary for our students to be prepared to live and learn in a world different from the past. The cultural diversity committee strives to provide a positive learning and work environment for all students and employees by developing, implementing, and monitoring policies and procedures that enhance cultural diversity, provide meaningful multicultural education, and promote diversity in staffing Jefferson County Public Schools.

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