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West Virginia Department of Education TREE

WVDE Math4Life Website

West Virginia Virtual High School

The West Virginia Virtual School (WVVS) was created by the West Virginia Legislature on July 1, 2000. The mission of the Virtual School is to assure consistent, high quality education for the students of West Virginia through courses delivered via technology, promote efficacy and equity in course offerings, and provide options for implementation across the public school system. The Virtual School initiative helps bridge the barriers of time, distance and inequities for all West Virginia students by providing access to resources. Since the first three seventh grade students from Capon Middle School took Geometry in the fall of 2000, demand for virtual courses continues to increase at a rapid pace.

Support for Personalized Learning (SPL)

The West Virginia Support for Personalized Learning (SPL) framework is a statewide initiative that suggests flexible use of resources to provide relevant academic, social/emotional and/or behavioral support to enhance learning for all students. SPL is characterized by a seamless system of high quality instructional practices allowing all students to sustain significant progress, whether they are considered at-risk, exceeding grade-level expectations or at any point along the continuum.

iPad Links for curricula, grades K-12

Link for iPad Literacy Ideas

Link for New Bloom's Digital Taxonomy--Apple, Android, Google, Web 2.0 Apps

Teach 21 Website

This website allows teachers to access Next Generation standards and a variety of instructional resources from WVDE.

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