A Teacher’s Guide for Assuring Student Success

Guidelines for Assuring Student Success

  1. Establish daily routines and expectations.
  2. Know your audience. (Elementary, Middle, High-each are uniquely different and require varied approaches)
  3. Don’t waste instructional time checking and collecting homework unless it is part of your intended instructional goal. Too much time is wasted brow-beating kids for being non-compliant. Checking for student understanding through purposeful and respectful feedback should be the outcome for any student task - especially homework.
  4. Be enthusiastic in everything you do. Kids don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.
  5. Provide "Intentional Instruction" from beginning to end - assess students for understanding based upon your prescribed goal(s) for the day.
  6. Adjust and tweak your instruction based upon the student’s readiness and understanding through the use of ongoing formative assessments.
  7. Remember, when a student asks this question: "When will I ever have to do/use this in life?" - Tell them and be specific!!
  8. Never hesitate to say you’re sorry.
  9. Never be punitive when assigning grades.
  10. Teach what you know and know what you teach. Be well prepared each day to assure success for all your students.

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