Beating the Cold

Plan Ahead

It’s important to plan ahead so that you know what time the bus should be getting to your stop, says The Clarion. It’s much harder to warm up if you or your child has been standing out in the bitter cold waiting for the bus for an extended period of time. If you know that your bus makes several stops before it gets to your stop, plan to wait for the bus inside until you see the bus rounding the corner.
If you can’t see the bus from inside a warm space, try to plan out your routine so you’re only waiting for a few moments. If you can drive to the bus stop to keep warm in the car. This also allows for a little more time together in the morning. It’s much easier to keep warm on the way to school if you’re already toasty from staying inside.

Break Out The Winter Gear

Not only is winter a great time to show off that new coat or scarf, but wearing appropriate clothes is important to keep warm at the bus stop. Children should wear their warmest coats, plus, gloves, scarves, and long pants/shirts. Simply putting on more clothes means more warmth!
Even if your child dislikes wearing layers, it’s always easier to take off a jacket once he or she is on the bus than it is to keep warm at a bus stop without the proper attire! It’s also important to note that children should wear clothes that are easy for them to take on or off as needed.
Another tip is to bring a blanket. This is a portable way to keep warm and is easily taken on and off without assistance.
And make sure to take advantage of the Jefferson County Schools Shoe & Coat Fund! Warm winter clothing is available. CLICK HERE for information about making a request.

Combat the Cold With Cardio

It may seem silly to do exercises while waiting at the bus stop but some light cardio will get your child’s blood flowing and warm them up! Do some jumping jacks or run in place while you wait. This will get your hearts pumping, which can help to warm you up from the inside out. It can be very fun and educational to get your friends and neighbors involved in these bus stop exercises as you and the kids try to keep warm!
Use this as a fun way to teach the children about their bodies and how to stay healthy. Keep in mind, though, sweating under layers of clothes and then standing out in the cold can cause hypothermia. If your child’s skin is wet from sweat, that could then make their body temperature drop. So don’t work out too hard!

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