DeSarno Named Resource Safety Officer

DeSarno Named Resource Safety Officer
Posted on 01/10/2019
Cpl. J.T. DeSarnoCHARLES TOWN, W.Va. – There will be a new face at Washington High School next week as Cpl. J.T. DeSarno with the Charles Town Police Department begins his new position as the school’s Resource Safety Officer.
“I look at this as an opportunity to help out the kids,” the 12-year-veteran officer said. “I’m just somebody else to help them succeed and get wherever they need to be at life.”
The Jefferson County Board of Education (JCBOE) will put $60,000 toward Cpl. DeSarno’s salary and benefits while the City of Charles Town provides a similar amount for all equipment, training, and overtime hours.  
Officials are still waiting on news about a grant from the West Virginia Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety that would provide up to $20,000, an amount that would be equally split between the JCBOE and the City.
Cpl. DeSarno said he understands that some parents may have concerns about the need for a resource officer, but clarified that it’s really the day-to-day presence of law enforcement that can make a positive difference for students. 
“Kids are still impressionable. Kids see one thing or one interaction or one conversation and their whole outlook can change,” he said. “As a police officer my number one job is safety. As long as I’m there I’ll do everything in my power to keep them [students] that way.”
Cpl. DeSarno isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel and has already reached out to Sgt. Benjamin Williams at Jefferson High School.
“I know Sgt. Williams at Jefferson. He’s done a fantastic job. I’ve talked with him. I’ll need to work with Principal Marcus and the staff to see what works and doesn’t work. My ultimate goals are to be a positive influence to the kids and be there for them.”
Cpl. Desarno’s first official day on the job will be Tuesday, Jan. 15.

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