NCTC Visits Students for Earth Day

NCTC Visits Students for Earth Day
Posted on 04/22/2021
SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.Va. – Students at Shepherdstown Elementary School are ready for Earth Day this week after a presentation from the National Conservation Training Center (NCTC) on Monday.
Instructional Systems Specialist Randy Robinson spoke to students about the ecosystem, expressing the importance of animals at various levels of the food chain.
“We like to get them in that mindset at a young age, to think about the environment to think about the ecology. With Earth Day coming up, it is the perfect time to do that.”
Robinson said the goal is to help students understand how fragile the ecosystem is and show that they can play a role in keeping it safe.
“We hope that, eventually, they’ll start thinking about a career in natural resources.”
He shared examples of items made from animals and explained how purchasing such products harms animals, especially endangered species like elephants and sea turtles.
He said federal laws that help protect endangered and vulnerable species ban the sale of such products and restrict the hunting of certain types of animals.
The Shepherdstown-based NCTC serves as the home of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. They offer training and professional development and bring together diverse partners to help solve conservation challenges.
NCTC is famous for the “Eagle Cam” that draws viewers from around the world, as a pair of Bald Eagles returns each year to raise their young.

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