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Service Options Specialist (SOS)

Mary Brittingham

Mary Brittingham
Service Options Specialist

The Service Options Specialist (SOS) serves as the district-level point of contact for students and families requesting support within our school system. The SOS assists by listening carefully to concerns, gathering and providing clear information, collaborating with school and district level staff as needed, and offering effective solutions, options, and support.

When appropriate
, the SOS acts as a liaison between families and schools to ensure good connections and outcomes. As part of the Social and Emotional department, the SOS is keenly aware of the importance of confidentiality and building relationships as part of helping with conflict resolution and collaborative problem solving. 

ur goal is to make meaningful connections with students and families to better enhance their educational experiences.

Student Navigators

Stacey Earl

Stacey Earl
Student Navigator
Middle School Level

Candace Lafon

Candace Lafon
Student Navigator
High School Level

At the school-level, Student Navigators serve students transitioning through a variety of life experiences a caring adult may help mediate.  Student Navigators offer resource periods for reflection and reorientation, as well as immediate interventions related to academics, attendance, and behavioral adjustment.

When appropriate, Student Navigators lend support to students who have recently experienced an alternative educational placement while acclimating to the school of origin.

Our goal is to help provide positive academic experiences for all students, including marginalized youths and other vulnerable populations.

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