JCBOE to Recognize School Service Personnel Day

JCBOE to Recognize School Service Personnel Day
Posted on 09/16/2020

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. – The Jefferson County Board of Education (JCBOE) adopted a resolution from West Virginia Governor Jim Justice this week proclaiming Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2019, as West Virginia School Service Personnel Day.
Mrs. Terri O’Dell, President of the Jefferson County School Service Personnel Association, accepted the proclamation during the JCBOE’s regular meeting on Monday.
Mrs. O’Dell called Jefferson County Schools (JCS) service personnel an awesome group of people who have worked hard to make the start of the school year successful for students.
“Whether it is getting meals out to them on the bus or calling them on the phone and asking if they need anything, letting them know that we love them, and we support them. The students and their parents deep down know that JCS is there for them, and service personnel have done so much to show and help prepare these kids for what is happening the best way we all know how.”
Mrs. O’Dell said the unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 Pandemic has created some challenges but said school service personnel have risen to the occasion and done everything they can to make sure students feel happy, safe, and secure at school.
“We are all learning this new thing that we are in now, and I don’t want any student or any staff member to feel they are not important, and they’re not worthy, because they are. We will continue to do that.” 
The proclamation from the governor highlights how school service personnel impact the school system.
“Whereas, school service personnel ate involved in nearly every aspect of education by maintaining buildings and grounds, preparing and serving meals, keeping school facilities clean and orderly, and assisting in the classroom, as well as providing administrative support functions, safe transportation, and many other specialized services.”
Service personnel are being recognized in different ways at each of the schools with special lunches, decorations, and other events to show the gratitude of the school system.

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