One Jefferson Awards Feb 2020

One Jefferson Awards for Feb 2020
Posted on 02/25/2020
     At the February meeting of the Jefferson County Board of Education, Robyn Painter, from North Jefferson Elementary School, was recognized as the Service Person for the month of February; and Karey Warriner, from Wildwood Middle School, was recognized at the Professional Employee for the month of February.
Painter was nominated for the One Jefferson Award because she has been an essential part of the school’s Out Reach Committee which is responsible for accumulating items  that are needed by patients in nursing homes and delivering them to a nursing home in Berryville and in  Charles Town.  She has also helped to raise money for Relay for Life, and she helped to collect items for The Mountaineer Recovering building.  In February, she was in charge of Valentines for Vets and for collecting socks.  She says she works to instill the idea of kindness in the students because she believes that if she shows kindness, others will do the same.
          Warriner was nominated by a former student who says that as an English teacher, Warriner really “makes a difference.”  She says the best way to describe her is that she is a teacher whom all the students love.  She makes her lessons comprehensible to all students and that her main goal is to make her students’ lives better.  This particular student was struggling with some person issues, and she credits Warriner with helping her through these.  
       The One Jefferson Award is given each month to a professional employee, a service employee, and a volunteer in the Jefferson County School System.

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