Safety Information

Jefferson County Schools understands the incredible responsibility that comes with educating your children. That's why when an issue concerning safety arises we want to share as much information as possible so you understand what's being done to ensure the safety of your child at school.


Recent construction near one of our elementary schools has raised concerns about arsenic exposure. Here's some of what we found:

- In the general U.S. population, the main source of arsenic exposure is via ingestion of food containing arsenic.

- Intake from air, soil, and drinking water is usually much less.

- Major sources of inhaled arsenic may come from air emissions like: burning of fossil fuels that contain arsenic, cotton gins, glass or pesticide manufacturing operations, smelters, and tobacco smoke

You can read more about soil contamination at the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry website linked HERE

We have solicited both West Virginia Department of Education EnvironmentalEngineering and a private environmental firm for information on best practices. Based on this information we are using a safety protocol to reduce the risk of ingestion exposure which is the primary method of exposure for children. Please continue to refer back to this site for further updates.

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