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Posted on 08/23/2019
CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. – Walmart is making a difference for teachers and students in Jefferson County though the program.
On Wednesday every project in the state of West Virginia was funded by Walmart.
In all, Walmart funded $10,043 worth of resources in Jefferson County Schools.
“West Virginia teachers like you inspire students to learn and succeed every day,” Walmart said in a statement. “In appreciation for all you do to make our communities better, Walmart is proud to fund every current teacher project proposal in the state, including yours!  Please share on social media how you’re helping others to live better and tag us”
Projects in Jefferson County range from flexible seating options in some classrooms to art supplies and computers in others.
A total of 23 projects are being brought to life through the program.
The schools include C.W. Shipley Elementary School, Page Jackson elementary School, Driswood Elementary School, T.A. Lowery Elementary School, Shepherdstown Elementary School, South Jefferson Elementary School, Blue Ridge Primary School, Charles Town Middle School, Shepherdstown Middle School, Wildwood Middle School, and Jefferson High School. is a U.S.-based nonprofit organization that allows individuals or companies to donate directly to public school classroom projects.  
It was founded in 2000, and since 2005 the organization has funded over one million projects in 80% of the public schools in the United States.

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