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Students may only register for one class at this time.  Middle school courses are listed first, followed by all the high school course offerings.  High school students may choose to complete a second credit recovery course if they finish their first course early.  For registration purposes, only sign up for one class that you wish to take first.  If a student is taking P.E. they can not sign up for any APEX credit recovery courses.  Health is being offered as an original credit as well as credit recovery; both will be taught using the online APEX program.

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Please indicate how you intend to pay for summer school tuition.  Tuition fees have been waived for students who have been court ordered or who receive free lunch. 

Tuition is a flat rate of $150 per in-county student.  A $5.00 fee will apply to all payments made with a credit card.  Please call Mr. White to make a payment over the phone 304.728.9220

Checks can be made payable to "Jefferson County Schools" and sent to:

Jefferson County Schools

110 Mordington Avenue

Charles Town, WV  25414

ATTN:  Alexander White



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