Solutions and Strategies

The targeted solutions and core strategies, coordinated with a comprehensive approach to address early learning in WV, serve as the WVDE's approach to close the reading achievement gap by third grade. The Campaign for Grade Level Reading results in five key goals:

1. Ensure all West Virginia children have access to high quality early learning experiences that focus on healthy learners as part of the Ready, Set, Go! WV model, resulting in increased children on target for healthy development beginning at birth.

2. Close the attendance gap to certify West Virginia children attend school regularly and limit chronic absenteeism in the early grades.

3. Design targeted, sustained extended day and summer reading programs to battle summer learning loss.

4. Increase family engagement to result in the development of a culture of literacy from birth through third grade.

5. Support high quality schools and workforce prepared to address early literacy, support identification of interventions, and implement a system of support for children not reaching grade level proficiency.

To accomplish the long term goal of supporting all learners to close the literacy achievement gap in WV, the WVDE Office of Early Learning has established a two-pronged approach. The first component is tackling the short term logistics associated with measuring and supporting children to address their immediate needs to ensure they are on a trajectory for third grade literacy proficiency and eventual college and career readiness. The second component focuses on a systemic approach to early literacy in WV that is supported by WV's Campaign for Grade Level Reading. This comprehensive approach includes utilization of school and community supports.

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