Legislative Issues

JCBOE Legislative Priorities
Every year West Virginia lawmakers bring forward legislation dealing with the state's education system. These proposed laws impact everyone in the community from our students and families to our teachers and service workers. We'll track significant education legislation in this section of the website throughout the legislative session.

The biggest topic in education legislation right now is SB 451, commonly known as the Omnibus Bill. The Senate passed the measure 18-16 on Feb. 3, 2019, after a little more than a week of debate. The bill includes pay raises for educators and a number of other changes to West Virginia’s school system. 

Please find a snapshot of the version approved by the Senate earlier in the session and the version that came out of the House Education Committee on this page. (Note that this is the original version of the bill. It was amended before being passed by the Senate.) If you would like to read the latest version of the bill, track future changes, and follow its progress CLICK HERE

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