Agreement brings water to North Jefferson

New Agreement Brings Water to Community
Posted on 01/28/2019
KEARNYESVILLE, W.Va. – Jefferson Utilities, Inc. (JUI) has begun planning for an upgrade to the water system in parts of north Jefferson County and the Jefferson County Board of Education (JCBOE) will be able to lend a helping hand thanks to a new agreement.
Much of that area, including North Jefferson Elementary School (NJE), is using a well system. At NJE, the school system is responsible for daily and monthly tests of the well water, monthly maintenance on equipment, training staff for specific certifications, etc. It is a tremendous drain on staff time and financial resources. In some cases, the work is beyond the skill set of Jefferson County School (JCS) employees and requires a contractor to be brought in to complete necessary work.
Many of those issues extend into the surrounding community where our staff and students live, particularly the Fox Glen subdivision in Kearneysville. That is why the JCBOE entered into an Easement and Right of Way Agreement with Jefferson Utilities, Inc. (JUI) that will allow a waterline to be installed to the Fox Glen Subdivision across land owned by the JCBOE. As part of the agreement, NJE would be permitted to hook up to the waterline at no cost. The maintenance of that line and water quality would be taken over by JUI once the line is in place.
The larger and more consistent water supply also means additional fire protection for NJE and the surrounding community.
    The JCBOE feels that allowing the land to be used for that purpose will benefit the public as well as the school.

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