Class of 2020

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Senior Celebration Parade

Congratulations to the Class of 2020. We were honored to be able to celebrate with you on May 17, 2020,and we look forward to a traditional graduation ceremony later this year. Your accomplishments so far are incredible, we cannot wait to see what you do next!


Thanks to Jostens for working with our staff to get cap and gowns delivered to our seniors!

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To the Class of 2020, Jefferson County Schools honors and values our Seniors. We are working to support a meaningful graduation ceremony for you and your families. With more than 600 graduates, we will likely not satisfy everyone, but we will put your safety first and do all that we can to support your vision. 


We Asked and You Answered: Thank You to Everyone!

It was important to JCS that Seniors have a voice and that they could collaborate as a class as we explored graduation options. This is YOUR graduation, and we wanted you to take ownership of how we address this issue.
Three people standing in front of brick wall Seniors at Jefferson and Washington High Schools were asked to join the conversation with our online platform called ThoughtExchange. Participants were asked to share and rate ideas based on an open-ended question. Between the two high schools, 375 students participated. They shared a total of 203 thoughts and 6,386 ratings. The conversation ran from April 2 through April 13.
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We Are Ready To Take the Next Steps…


Your participation in the ThoughtExchange conversation will helpThree people in cap and gown holding sign us understand what’s important as we plan to honor your achievements with a fitting and meaningful graduation ceremony.
Jefferson County Schools commits to honoring the request of our Seniors and holding a traditional graduation ceremony when it is safe to do so.  The timing of that ceremony will be affected by state and national restrictions as well as the availability of staff and resources.    We will continue to keep you updated as these conditions change.   In the meantime, we are working with staff to develop some interim measures to honor seniors as well.    All physical diplomas will be mailed to students after May 19th to support those who need them for work, college and the military.   We will then provide students the opportunity to place them in their covers and receive them formally during their traditional graduation ceremony.   We thank our community for their trust and support as we honor the next generation of Jefferson graduates.   

Top Thought Highlights

This past week, nearly 400 Seniors from Jefferson and Washington High Schools shared ideas that will help guide us as we design a graduation ceremony that will be meaningful and appropriate.

Students all participated as a group, but the information will be broken down by school to honor the culture of each class. The top thoughts were telling. Despite the technological proficiency of this generation, they overwhelmingly voiced a desire for a traditional graduation ceremony. They had some different ideas about how that might occur but seemed to agree that walking the stage in front of friends and family was critical. 

The top thought from the conversation was::
"We need a traditional graduation not virtual because a virtual graduation does not give you the feeling of accomplishment that you waited 13 years for."

That sentiment was echoed in other top thoughts: "Some form graduation should be held, but I also feel that a traditional graduation should be held later on. (Whenever that maybe)"

Other top thoughts from the conversation:

I know many seniors that feel this way. We just want a normal graduation that everyone else gets.

As close to a traditional graduation as possible.

I definitely do NOT want to do a virtual ceremony Yes, we are a tech savvy generation, but it’s not as special. I know other schools around the country are doing this but it doesn’t feel right.

Traditional graduation I rather wait for a traditional graduation than doing something last minute. I would love for my parents to actually watch me walk the stage.

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