Class of 2020

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Graduation Ceremonies Set for Aug. 1 Postponed

On Monday, July 13, 2020, Gov. Jim Justice issued an order limiting gatherings across the state to 25 people or fewer.  This restriction made holding the planned in-person graduation ceremonies impossible at this time. The ceremonies will be held when the restrictions are lifted and more information is available.

Top Thought Highlights

The top thought from the conversation was::
"We need a traditional graduation not virtual because a virtual graduation does not give you the feeling of accomplishment that you waited 13 years for."

That sentiment was echoed in other top thoughts: "Some form graduation should be held, but I also feel that a traditional graduation should be held later on. (Whenever that maybe)"

Other top thoughts from the conversation:

I know many seniors that feel this way. We just want a normal graduation that everyone else gets.

As close to a traditional graduation as possible.

I definitely do NOT want to do a virtual ceremony Yes, we are a tech savvy generation, but it’s not as special. I know other schools around the country are doing this but it doesn’t feel right.

Traditional graduation I rather wait for a traditional graduation than doing something last minute. I would love for my parents to actually watch me walk the stage.

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