We Build with the Bond

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Bonds are used for the construction or remodeling of schools. They can also be used for larger construction projects or systems upgrades within the school system. The financing form a facilities bond is available for a longer period of time, similar to home mortgages. 

How much is Jefferson County Schools asking for? 
JCS is seeking $43,732,971 to make improvements and or additions at all of our existing schools and build new facilities to serve the needs of students.

Why do we need a bond to build or remodel schools?  
The state of West Virginia provides some funding for education, including matching funds for larger capital projects through the West Virginia School Building Authority (WVSBA); however, this funding does not cover the cost of building new schools or renovating older schools. The state will also not necessarily cover projects deemed important by local communities.

Why is a bond being sought now?
Jefferson County Schools focuses on preventative maintenance which must be done as buildings and equipment age. As schools themselves get older, it becomes necessary to plan ahead for new schools to provide adequate space and resources for students. The average school in Jefferson County is 70 years. The average age of an HVAC unit in Jefferson County Schools is 15 years. 
This process puts Jefferson County taxpayers in control of local tax dollars for investing in the infrastructure to support the school system.


What will the 2020 Facilities Bond Mean for the School System?

Jefferson County Schools sees the 2020 Facilities Bond Initiative as an investment in our community's future. The $43,732,971 bond will reinvest in facilities and technology, reinforce school safety, and re-imagine learning environments and programs to benefit Jefferson County Schools' students and staff for years to come. These infrastructure projects are critical to the long term success of our schools and our students. 

What Does the 2020 Facilities Bond Mean for My School?

The 2020 Bond Call will allow Jefferson County Schools to invest in improvements to existing schools at all levels. The bond includes $2,889,000 for Elementary Schools, $1,170,700 for Middle Schools, and $1,188,800 for High Schools. This does not include funds for operational facilities or new facilities. Those totals can be found above. The bond also includes $200,000 to cover the cost of issuing a bond.

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