Technology Resource Coaches



    The Technology Resource Coach (TRC) program was created to provide services for Jefferson County students, teachers, and administrators supporting technology integration at all levels of education. Our role as "TRCs" is to become part of each school's culture and to assist in the higher level learning to prepare students for their future.
    The goal of the Technology Resource Coaches is to maximize 21st century teaching and learning by providing targeted, sustained, and relevant professional development, helping faculty and staff integrate technology into the curriculum.
    Technology Resource Faciliator
    Telephone:  304-885-5035
    (Schools served:  Jefferson High, Harpers Ferry Middle, and Opportunity Learning Center)
    Technology Resource Faciliator
    Rico's TRF Calendar
    Telephone:  304-885-5036
    (Schools served: Driswood Elementary, North Jefferson Elementary, Page Jackson Primary, Ranson Elementary, and South Jefferson Elementary) 
    Technology Resource Coach
    Telephone: 304-885-5038
    (Schools served: Wildwood Middle, Blue Ridge Campus, C.W. Shipley Elementary, and TA Lowery Elementary)

    Sheila Young
    Technology Resource Coach
    Telephone: 304-885-5004

    (Schools served: Washington High, Charles Town Middle, Shepherdstown Middle, Shepherdstown Elementary, and Wright Denny Intermediate)