Jefferson County Schools has collaborated with Berkeley and Morgan to develop a 5 year regional calendar to support our staff and families for long range planning. The highlights of this year's calendar are:

1. First semester and all first semester exams will be completed prior to the Christmas holiday break.
2. Staff have been provided an additional 90 minutes of staff development.
3. Shortened days have been placed on Fridays for parental convenience when possible.
4. The regional calendar ensures all James Rumsey students will have equitable instructional time.
5. The regional calendar ensures our employees who live in Berkeley will share holidays with their children.

Please review the calendars and provide us with feedback on improvements. You can submit electronically here on our website.

The 5 year regional plan is simply a guideline and NOT an approved calendar.
1. Legally we CANNOT bind other county Boards to a calendar. 
2. Legally we CANNOT bind our own JCS future Boards to a calendar.
3. Any decision by the West Virginia legislature that changes the legal requirements for the school calendar may result in changes in the approved calendar.

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Parent Calendar

5 Year Plan

2017-18 Approved Calendar 5 Year Regional Calendar Plan