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  • Mandatory Events

    The dates for the mandatory events have been changed and are now up to date to match this upcoming school year's schedule. Please make note of the Fall and Spring Award Ceremonies. First Year Cadets will not be attending the Fall Ceremony however, they will be recognized in class for promotions and ribbons as well as being inducted into the corps of cadets.


    Bataan Death March Memorial Hike

    Cadets are now able to sign-up for the Bataan Death March Memorial Hike on September 17. All cadets, regardless of year, are able to attend. The location of the march is Morgan's Groove Park in Shepherdstown and it will run from 8 am to 1 pm. Sign-up sheets are located in each of the instructors' ports.  

    Background: The Bataan Death March Memorial Hike honors those American and Filipino soldiers who who passed whilst serving their country in World War II. Contrary to what the name suggests, the 14-mile "march" which cadets will participate in is simply a ceremonial name and cadets will not be required to march the trail. Instead, they may walk or jog with their fellow cadets.


    Freedom's Run Volunteering

    Sign-ups are now opened for those who wish to volunteer for the Freedom's Run Marathon event in Shepherdstown on October 1 from 7:30 am to 1pm. Sign-ups are limited to 30 cadets and the sheet is located in Port 5. It is important to note that Freedom's Run takes place the same day as the scheduled Fall Road Cleanup and therefore cadets can not participate in both. All questions should be directed to the Kitty Hawk Air Society Commander, C/Maj Panzarella.


    Harpers Ferry Park Day

    Sign-ups have also opened to volunteer for the Harpers Ferry Park Cleanup on September 24, 2016. Any cadet who participates in Park Day may be excused form the Fall Road Clean-up on October 1, but they still may attend if they would like to. It is for this reason that any cadet who can not attend the Fall Road Clean-up on October 1 is encouraged to attend Park Day. Sign-ups are limited to 50 cadets and the sheet is located in Port 5. The event will begin at 10 at the Visitors Center in Harpers Ferry and will continue until 2. All questions should be directed to the Kitty Hawk Air Society Commander, C/Maj Panzarella.


    Honor Guard

    Honor Guard practice will begin on Tuesday, August 30th. Any cadet, regardless of their year or ability in drill, is invited to attend. Pratice will be weekly, Tuesday-Thursday from 3-4:30. You must have a ride ready promptly at 4:30. Practices will ALSO be held during Courgar Hour B Tuesday-Thursday beginning next Tuesday, August 30th. If you have any questions or concers, please leave a message in the Honor Guard Commander's mailbox located in Port 5.


     MCOLS Uniforms

    All cadets who attended MCOLS this year must return their second uniform as soon as possible.


    Forms Due

    All paperwork from new and returning cadets must be turned in to their instructor no later than Wednesday, August 24. Cadet Contracts are due back by Friday, August 26th.


    Uniform Inspection

    The first uniform inspection will be on Tuesday 30th. All cadets will be wearing SSOC.


    Flight Leadership

    Flight Leadership posititions will be decided approximately three weeks into the academic year to allow for schedule changes.


    Recomendation Letters

    Any senior who would like a recomendation letter from any of the instructors should contact them as soon as possible with a resume in hand.


    Academy Day

    For any cadets interested in attending or learning more about the Federal Service Academies should attend Academy Day, which will be held on September 24th, 2016 at Spring Mills High School




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