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Debra Corbett, Principal 


  • Mrs. Viand's Pre-k Class was invited to the "Teach and Treat" at the BOE.


    The kids got a lot of healthy treats and had a blast taking pictures with "Mrs. Corbett's boss", Dr. Gibson.










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  • Family Workshop

    (Sponsored by Jefferson County Parent Advisory Council )


    October 27, 2015 @ the Ranson Elementary School GYM 

    Please join us for an engaging, funny evening.

    The cast will create a show from audience suggestions.

    Children and parents then have the opportunity to create stories that  could be  reenacted on stage when  they return in the spring.

    “Story Pirates celebrates the words and ideas of young people.” - Story Pirates Website


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  • 2015 West Virginia School Climate Survey
    for Parents, Students, & Staff

    The link below can be used by the students, parents, and teachers to complete the school climate survey.  Students in grades 3 through 5 will complete the survey in school with their teachers.  If a child returned a "No Surveys" allowed form, he or she would not take the survey. This survey can be completed anytime through November 13. Please obtain passwords from your teacher or school administration.







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    Word of the Day: SERVICE


    WEBSTER'S Dictionary for Students

    1 serv·ice/ˈsərvəs/noun   1: 2 HELP, USE 2: a religious ceremony  3: the occupation or function of serving or working as a servant  4: the work or action of helping customers  5: a helpful or useful act: good turn  6: a set of dishes or silverware  7: an organization that provides something to the public  8: a nation's armed forces  9: an organization or business that supplies some public demand or provides maintenance o repair for something   10: 2SERVE

    2 service/ˈsərvəs/verb ser·viced, ser·vic·ing: to work on in order to maintain or repair


    WEBSTER'S Thesaurus for Students

    service/synonyms USE (sense 1), account, advantage, avail, profit


    rcd   rct



    The Rotary Club represented by Tiffany Lawrence and William Strider(Club President), provided Ranson Elementary School with Dictionaries for third grade, and Thesauruses for fifth grade.





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  • Reasoning Mind

    Collaboration Award

    On October 10th, Ms. Broadley, Ms.Lee and Mrs. Smith received the "Reasoning Mind " Collaboration Award, for their efforts in joining together to create a rich atmosphere of learning and success in mathematics for their students.




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  • Harlem Wizards Came to Ranson

    The Harlem Wizards send two of their WIZARDS, Roadrunner and Sarge, to talk to students in grades 3-5 about anti-bullying




    Andrew Harder, 4th Grade, is the lucky winner of a Free Wizards Ticket.




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    Walk bike


    Today,  Wednesday, Oct. 7, thousands of students, parents and communities from every state walked to school to celebrate

    International Walk to School Day. 

    A big THANK YOU to our Ranson Families for joining us in making today a special day for our students.










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  • Ranson Elementay welcomes two new Business Partners

    the Bridge and USCG Operations System Center


    RES BP

    From Left to Rigth: Travis Rhea (Coast Guad), Marty Soltis (BOE),

    Debra Corbett (RES), Jake Cordell (the Bridge) & Jim Maynard (the Bridge).



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  • Ranson Elementary honors their Service Personnel

    on West Virginia Schools Service Personnel Appreciation Day

    (September 25, 2015)








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  • Early Dismissal Procedure


    If a student needs to be released early for appointments, or any other family related plans, parents/guardians are asked to notify the school no later than that morning. The procedure is for the student to bring a note to the teacher the morning of the early pick-up.

    If someone other than the parent/guardian will be picking up a student, the office will need to be notified ahead of time with the name of this person. This should be written in the note for early release.

    The parent/guardian will need to meet their student in the office to sign them out at the scheduled time.

    In the rare case that you are not able to send a note in the morning for an early pick up, we ask that you call at least 1 hour prior to the pick-up time.

    No Early Dismissal after 2:45 PM.

    The procedure is in place to help limit disruptions both in the office and in the classroom finding students.

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