North Jefferson Elementary School
6996 Charles Town Road
Kearneysville, WV 25430
Mary Ann Jenkins, Principal


  • June 2-10:00am Senator Unger Teaches Students About Voting
                  PreK Screening with Miss Underwood.  The PreK class is full already for next school year.                     Miss Underwood has a waiting list.  Call her if you are interested. 
    June 3-4th Grade goes to Mt. Vernon
                         1st and 2nd Grades have programs/plays
    June 4-Character Counts CITIZENSHIP assembly at 2:00pm in the gym.  Select students will be    
    June 5-Title I Picnic.  Chorus and Band Program will follow immediately after.  Have dinner and listen              to some good music afterwards.
    June 6-Adam Booth, Story Teller will be here at 9:30am.  After two assemblies, Mr. Booth will visit                 Grades 2-5 classrooms.
    June 9-9:15am 5th Grade Fox Glen Bus Discussion-Students who have always walked to our school              will learn the new process for riding the bus to Shepherdstown Middle next year.
    June 10-Kickball game in the morning with staff members and 5th Graders.  Let's see who will win!!!
                             "Critter Assemblies"  12:45pm for K-2 and 2:00pm for Grades 3-5.  Students will see,                         touch, and learn about various "critters" in our world.
    June 11-Field Day in the morning
                             2:00pm DARE TO LEAD program with Ronnie Jones
    June 12-S.M.O.R.E.S. Luncheon (Students Who Model Responsible and Ethical Behaviors in                          School)
                             LAST DAY FOR STUDENTS.  DISMISSAL BEGINS AT 1:20 PM.-Report cards will be given out at that time.  Make sure you return all books belonging to our school before your child leaves for summer vacation!
    Parents we need your help to make the end of the year activities successful.  If you can help contact Gigi Anderson here at the school.  Also don't forget these two web pages for your child this summer, www.studyisland.com and www.readingeggs.com.  If you need their login information, please contact the school.   
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  • flag Senator John Unger visited our school and taught our students about voting for bills.  Students came up with three bills to vote for in our school.  When they voted 65 students voted for extra recess, 60 students voted for no homework and 18 students voted for more math.  Mrs. Jenkins vetoed the bill for extra recess.  She wants more math!
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  • When it rains, it floods sometimes in the front of the school.  To alleviate this problem, the Cacapon Institute helped our school by teaching the fourth and fifth grade students how to plant vegetation that loves water.  By next year, when it rains, the front of our school will be moist!  Thank you Tanner and Molly!
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  • Rachel Potts, First Grade Teacher at our school, was chosen on April 10, 2014 as the TEACHER OF THE YEAR FOR JEFFERSON COUNTY SCHOOLS!!!!
    Ms. Potts is very deserving of this award and we are so excited for her success. 
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  • star Third Nine Weeks Honor Roll Students
             3rd Grade:
    James Alderton, Jessie Barrett, Seth Barron, Kody Campbell, Celeste Trujillo-Cano,
    Addison Duncan, Kayleigh Duncan, Johvan Gidney, Trinity Jeffries, Justus Lee, Gage MacIntosh,
    Christian Powell, Dylan Rickard, Kaitlin Turner, Cecilia Welch, Patrick Wilson*
             4th Grade:
    Hunter Armstrong, Hannah Bowers, Victoria Cano*, Madison Combs, Dylan Crawford, Ashton Creamer, Chad Davis, Demetrius Gaskins, Carter Gill, Gabriella Gomez*, Kayvon Green, Trinity Grove, David Haines, Chloe Hansrote, Travis Herrington, Aryssa Higgins,Tiffany Jenkins, Collette Jones, Isaiah Latta, Jenna Lee*, Marisol Leon, Julie Lewis, Lacie Lewis*, Kyle Petrisko*, Jose Renteria, Stephen Tisdale, Alexis Yowell
             5th Grade:
    Brandon Arroniz*, Steven Bowers, Jaden Butts, Christian Cook, Jonathan Davis*, Quinton Duncan, Jennifer Estrada, Jon Gidney III, Wilhem Hausmann*, Cheyenne Hess, Brett Jeffries*, Kyle Kutcher*, Hunter Lang, Bruno Mey*, Catrina Myers, Cody Shiflett*, Rylan Smith, Sophia Swartz,
    Sebastian Veselovskiy*, Conrad Yaegel
    *These students made a 4.0 average for the third nine weeks grading period. 
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