North Jefferson Elementary School
6996 Charles Town Road
Kearneysville, WV 25430
Mary Ann Jenkins, Principal


  • Students are reading the morning announcements three days a week at North Jefferson.  Our very first student announcer is Miss Ellie Scott.  Ellie picked her own music to play before the announcements. This week we are listening to songs from the movie "Frozen".  Ellie also reads a Question of the Day for students to answer, the lunch menu, the birthdays for the day, and any other important announcements for our school.  Way to go, Ellie!
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  • The following students have perfect attendance so far this year:
    James Alderton, Hayden Armstrong, Isabella Boyd, Paityn Burns, Celeste Cano-Trujillo, Leigha Capistran, Lomasi Capistran, Jayde Carey, Collin Cross, Mackenzie Cross, Ethan Fechner, Heather Fowler, David Haines, Grace Hoffmaster, Makenzie Housden, Amiya Jones, Jenna Lee, Cole Lewis, Lacie Lewis, Hannah Phillips, Isabella Renaud, Samuel Swartz, Shawn Swartz, Michael Swartz, Destiny Turner, Kaitlin Turner, Jaequan Twyman, Kameron Twyman, Nathaniel Walter, Harvey Webber, Taelyn Wilt, Alexis Yowell, Kaylee Yowell  
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    Honor Roll Students in Fifth Grade:
     Hunter Armstrong@, Christian Bowers@*, Hannah Bowers@*, Victoria Cano@, Chad Davis@, Andrew Dion@*, Demetrius Gaskins@, Carter Gill@, David Haines@, Travis Herrington@*, Aryssa Higgins@, Summer Hite@, Nkosi Jackson@, Tiffany Jenkins@, Collette Jones@*, Jenna Lee@*, Marisol Leon@, Lacie Lewis@, Kyle Petrisko@*, Elizabeth Scott@*, Michael Tarantola@, and Stephen Tisdale@.
    Honor Roll Students in Fourth Grade: 
     James Alderton@, Landon Babington*, Makayla Babington*, Jessie Barrett@, Seth Barron@, Logan Burdine@*, Kody Campbell@*, Celeste Cano-Trujillo@, Leigha Capistran@, Alyssa Dinges@*, Addison Duncan@*, Kayleigh Duncan@, Ethan Fechner@*, Johvan Gidney@, Logan Jeeves@*, Trinity Jeffries@*, Aaliyah Latta@, Justus Lee@, Jose Leon@, Grace Lochner@, Gage Macintosh@, Camren McKinney@, Peter Milliken@*, Christian Powell@*, Christopher Garcia-Reyes@, Dylan Rickard@, Kaitlin Turner@, Harvey Webber@, Cecilia Welch@*, and Patrick Wilson@*.
     Honor Roll Students in Third Grade:
    Mikaylyn Haines@, Joshua Herrington@, Daveon Lane@, Cole Lewis@*, Nicole Mey@, Madilyn Staubs@, Michael Swartz II@*, Olivia Turpin, Mary Veselovskiy@*, Jared Wilberger@, Cyniah Winston@, and Kaylee Yowell. 
    Symbols key:  @=Honor Roll for 1st and 2nd Grading Periods and *=ALL A'S
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  •      Lt. Ball, our Coast Guard business partner representative, visited our school during a recent business partner luncheon.  He's looking pretty sharp in his uniform.  We are currently getting ready to write thank you letters to the Coast Guard for their anniversary.  The modern day Coast Guard was founded January 28, 1915.  
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  •      Again this year, Dr. Lori Stilley presented our school with a check for $2,000 to cover some of our technology needs.  So SMARTBOARD bulbs, we'll be able to replace you when you wear out! Thank you Dr. Stilley for the funds.  
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  •       The students had a great time trying to guess baby pictures to staff persons.  Tiarra Spencer was able to guess the most staff members.  
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  • You haven't had real cornbread until you taste cornbread made by first graders as directed by Jane Tabb.  It was quite the experience for the students.  Ms. Tabb taught the students about the entire process!  Thank you for coming to our school.  
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  • Lt. Ball from the Coast Guard presented lanyards and a special plaque to our elite students during the monthly Character Counts program!  Mrs. Davis read the teacher recommendation for each child nominated.  Thanks Mrs. Washington and Mrs. Carper for also helping our program to be a success.  We had a lot of parent visitors!!!!  
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  • Ben Bendor from "Arithmetickles" visited our school this week.  He shared mind-proving math problems with students in Kindergarten to Fifth Grade.  
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