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  • Thank you to all who made this past weekend's Lock-In a tremendous success! Over 200 students stayed up all night having a great time - from 7pm till 6am! From a dance to a live band(Unfinished Business) to pizza to games and more games to basketball and breakfast! A great safe and fun night due to the efforts of many!! Thank you!!

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  • Harpers Ferry sixth grade students participated in our annual health fair last week.  Health and Physical Education teachers teamed up with Shepherd University nursing students to create multiple stations that students rotated through.  They learned about eating healthy foods, taking care of their hearts, proper exercise, how to read a food label, and many other useful tips to help them stay healthy throughout their lives.  As always, it was a great success.
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  • The annual Miss Harpers Ferry Pageant was held last weekend.  Lexi Cook was this years winner.  All of the contestants did an outstanding job and looked beautiful in their casual and formal wear.  Congratulations to Lexi for her accomplishments this year!!
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  • Students in Family and Consumer Science class were learning how to cook and prepare healthy foods in order to lead long and healthy lives.  Some students took the common apple to new heights and created a tasty piece of art. 
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  • HFMS is emphasizing TRUSTWORTHINESS” for the month of April!! 


    PARENTS - Please use student drop off/pick up in REAR of our property to help insure student safety!


    REMINDER:  It is not too early to be thinking about the immunizations that 6th grade students will need in order to start the 7th grade.  Please contact your physician or the Health Department if your child has not had the Tdap booster and MCV4 vaccine.  Please feel free to call the nurse with any questions.  Please keep phone numbers updated.  Thank you!



    LOCK-IN:  April 4th starting at 7:00 PM until 6:00 AM, April 5th!


    NATIONAL JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY: A new chapter of NJHS is starting here at Harpers Ferry. If you are a sixth, seventh or eighth grader who wishes to apply for the chapter, interest packets will be available in the office from April 7th though April 23rd. Applications will be due in the office by 3:00 pm on April 25th. The NJHS is a service and leadership organization. Applicants must have a 3.5 GPA, have leadership skills and good character. The final decision of candidates is done by a faculty advisory committee. The Honor Society induction will be at the end of May. More news to follow. Students, be watching for signs in the building with information about interest packets!! Any questions? See Mrs. O’Connor in room 402 or Mrs. Vandell in room 602.


    CongratulationsHFMS Students of the Month:  Emma Eckert, Brittany Marker, Jacob Mason, Carlee Byrom, Melissa Reyes, Isaiah Cooper, Lauren Cooper, John Fugitt, Chandler Grove, Kassidy James, Brian Long, MacKenzie Lindsey, and Hunter Ray!!  Good Job!


    Congratulations go to Mrs. Courtney Stewart for being chosen by the staff of HFMS as Teacher of the Year and Ms. Jessica Chapman as Service Personnel of the Year!   We wish them our best as they go on to the county competition.


    Congratulations to our top Character Counts Winnersthis past month:  Nate Minnick, Lillian Bentley, Joe Crutcher, Hailee Givens, Jeremy Beach, Dalton Jackson, Kaila Wise, and Joe Kosanovich!     Keep up the GOOD work!!


     “Tiger Cookbooks” are for sale to benefit the Athletic Department! They make great gifts!


    AR (Accelerated Reader) News:   This month we are shining the spotlight on a group of SUPER readers who had a very high AR goal for the third nine weeks and really exceeded that!! WOW!!  Those students are:  Troy Cummings, Garrett Damon, Carlos Lazo Flores, and Sean Piedrahita (grade 8); Max Hall, Kristin Davis, Marvin McGrady, and Aaron Smith (grade 7); Kaitlyn Cavill, Will Collis, Alecia Fischman, and Jacob Neidig (grade 6).  Together the 12 of them earned 1,281.4 points!  We congratulate ALL students who earned their AR goals for the 3rd nine weeks and encourage ALL students to blaze ahead in the 4th nine weeks.  At HFMS, AR ROCKS!!

    Students always know one book they should take home for homework – AR (Accelerated Reading)  


    IMPORTANT UPCOMING EVENTS IN APRIL:                         

    April  3              6th GRADE HEALTH FAIR        

    April  4              LOCK-IN – STARTS 7:00 PM

    April  8              HOLOCAUST PROGRAM – 8th Grade

    April 12-20         SPRING BREAK

    April 21             IS DAY – 2 HOUR DELAY on coming to school             

    April 28             ONLINE WESTEST BEGINS – 8TH GRADE

    April 30             MID-TERMS DISTRIBUTED



    May   6             VODCAST PREMIERE

    May   12-16       BUY ONE/GET ONE FREE BOOK FAIR – DAILY 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

    May   13           Primary Election – No School

    May   14           Book Fair Open House 5:30 – 7:30 PM

    May   26           Memorial Day – No School

    June   12           Final school day for students – 2 hour early dismissal


    Reminder to Parents: FREE after school skills support (tutoring) in math from 3:00 PM through 4:00 PM!    Wednesday:  Mathematics – Mrs. Perks – Room 302, Thursday: Mathematics – Ms. McCauley – Room 802.  No prior signup is required.  Students must report directly to the class after school dismissal.  Parents are responsible for picking up students at 4:00 PM. Please don’t wait to get help!  Tutoring will continue into May.


    Sixth Grade Students of the Week”:  Congratulations to the following students: MATH:  Skyy Harris, Lexus Hill, and Matthew Killen!  SOCIAL STUDIES:  Matthew Davis, Collin Harper, and Dylan Martinez!  SCIENCE:  Marcella Cosby, Becca Dunkin, and Tatum Wartschow!  READING:  Zach Benner, Emily Schaffer, and Odin Smith!  LANGUAGE ARTS:  JB Pitayatonakarn, Emily Schaffer, and Tatum Wartschow!


    Seventh Grade Students of the Week”:  Congratulations go to:   Kami Viands, Dylan Milam, Russell Popkins, Dalton Kennan, Marvin McGrady, Cassie James, Lillian Thacker, Ashlee Painter, Treavor Sayre, and Katie Liang!


    Eighth Grade “Students of the Week”:  Congratulations to:  Deyana Boria, Troy Cummings, Makayla Hill, Ali Householder, Miranda James, Christian Kite, Ben LeBlance, Sarah Threadgill, and Bryce Turney. 


    MATH:  Mrs. Vandell’s Math 8 classes will be working on geometric solids and how to find the volume of them.  Students will be memorizing volume formulas for a sphere, cylinder, cone, prism and pyramid.  Algebra students will be finishing up radical expressions and begin probability and statistics.


    LANGUAGE ARTS:  Students in Mrs. Stewart’s classes are in full swing with their research paper.  They will be working on it for the next 4-5 weeks.  Please keep up the good work and work at home if you need to complete any research, drafts, or typing.  I know this is a new process for a lot of you, but you are doing amazing!!

    Students in Miss Barnes’ 8th Grade Accelerated class have started a unit on the Holocaust.  We will read the play that is based on Anne Frank’s diary and complete lots of interesting activities.  We will also be reading the novel, Number the Stars.  Ask your students what we’ve been learning!  Students in Miss Barnes’ 7th Grade Accelerated class have been working on their final TechSteps project.  They had to write a story that included factual information, and then prepare a PowerPoint presentation.  Ask your students about their story!  After spring break, students will start the novel, Tuck Everlasting.  During this novel unit, we will be meeting in literature circles to discuss the different aspects of the novel.  Students in Miss Barnes’ 7th grade Language classes have returned to the wonderful world of grammar with a unit on compound sentences.  They make writing more fun!  Ask your students about them!


    READING:  Mrs. Welsh’s 8th grade classes are continuing their Holocaust unit.  All students should be reading a Holocaust novel of their choice.  They are expected to read it and take the AR test on it for the 4th nine weeks grading period.

    Mrs. Kowalski’s 7th grade classes will practice literary criticism as we read Arthurian legends, including “Merlin and the Dragons,” and “Sir Gawain and the Loathly Lady.”  Additionally, we will continue to apply the skills we’ve learned this year to examples of poetry and informational text.


    SOCIAL STUDIES:  Congratulations to the following students who placed at the Jefferson County Social Studies Fair:  Kassidy James, Selena Stillions, Haley Wilt, and Hunter Ray!  GREAT JOB!!

    Mr. Banas’s 6th grade social studies classes are beginning the last nine-week marking period by comparing and contrasting the basic characteristics of Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism.  From there we will be discussing the events of the Cold War, including citing evidence of the United States and Soviet Union dominance as superpowers, outlining the US policy of containment, and analyzing the role of strong leadership in ending the Cold War.  We’ll also continue the review of World Time Zones.  Please check with your child about their last project, which was recently assigned.  A copy of the project can be found on my website under the “Classroom Calendar” link.

    Mrs. Lamp’s classes have been studying the ancient civilizations of North and South America focusing on the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas with her student teacher, Mrs. Sawyer.  Ask them about their Travel Logs they have been working on.

    Mrs. Dunkin’s classes are studying World War II and discussing efforts made by Americans during the war.

    Miss Fornadley’s class is finishing up their unit on ancient Greece, and will be going straight into comparing and contrasting that topic with Ancient Rome for the next couple of weeks. Their study will include geography, accomplishments made, and battles fought during that time period.

    Mrs. O’Connor’s classes are studying reconstruction after the Civil War.


    SCIENCE:  Mrs. Lowe's 6th grade science classes have been working with chemistry for the last month. We will be continuing with physics (electricity, light, and astronomy) during the last marking period.

     Dr. Good’s eighth grade students have just finished learning about the pros & cons of fracking.  Ronda Lehman, the president of Blue Ridge Watershed, came in for two days and gave students data and information about fracking.  Each student then formed an opinion about the topic and wrote a letter to our state senator (Senator Unger) expressing that opinion and giving three reasons to support that opinion. A survey was then taken of all the 8th grade science classes to get an overall perspective of the students’ opinions.  Here are the results:  Ten (10) students felt fracking should continue because it provides needed gas and jobs. Forty-seven (47) students felt that fracking was very harmful to people and the environment and it should be stopped. Ten (10) students felt that fracking did not affect them, so they did not care if fracking continued.  Nine (9) had no opinion about fracking.  Ask your child to tell you the pros & cons of fracking along with the who, what, how, where, and why of the subject.


    GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT:   April is jam packed with events and happenings!  We would like to congratulate our students for doing a fantastic job on the writing assessment!  WESTEST is next, so we want all our students to keep up the hard work!!

    It is also the time of year for scheduling! I will be in the classrooms the next few weeks to discuss scheduling and your student’s options for the next year.  In regards to our graduating 8th grade class, all of their schedules have been sent to the high schools for processing.

    Finally, just a reminder that it is the last nine weeks of the school year.  So please contact us with any concerns regarding grades.  Also with the onset of spring, it is time to once again think of summer time activities for your student.  We have a list of camps to keep your child interested and involved during the summer months!

    As always if there are any questions please feel free to call the guidance office at 304-535-6357 or email aslye@access.k12.wv.us!

    MEDIA CENTER NEWS:  Stop by the Media Center and check out the many new titles we have recently received – especially the nonfictions!  Our annual BUY ONE/GET ONE FREE book fair is scheduled for the Week of May 12 – 16.  There will be an evening open house for families and friends on Wednesday, May 14th (before the spring band concert).  The full details are on our school web site.  If you are able to set up (May 9th), pack up, or assist during the week, please give Mrs. Knott a call at 304.535.6357 or email her at aknott@access.k12.wv.us!  We’ll see YOU at the BOOK FAIR!!

    CHORUS NEWS:  The Annual Jefferson County Middle Schools Choral Workshop is now rescheduled to be held Thursday, June 5th from 10:00 AM to 1:15 PM in the HFMS auditorium.  Over 250 music students from Harpers Ferry, Charles Town, Shepherdstown, and Wildwood Middle Schools will come together under the leadership of guest director Ms. Karma Wood,


    choral director at Jefferson High School. Mrs. Laura Crosby, Jefferson County retired music teacher will be the guest accompanist.  Students will be learning two brand new pieces of music for this experience.  Meanwhile students in each class are working on choreography to add to some of the spring music.  Tonal and rhythmic reading activities continue to be part of the curriculum for understanding how to interpret pieces of written music.


    May 28:  Put the date on your calendar for HFMS Spring Choral Concert which will be held Wednesday, May 28th at 7:00 PM in the Ranalli-Wiltshire auditorium.


    HFMS will attempt to contact you each time your child is absent from school.  If your child is sick or going to be out of school for any other reason, please contact us in the morning and we will not call you at the end of the day.



    You are always welcome at Harpers Ferry Middle School – call us 304-535-6357 with concerns!!


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