Harpers Ferry Middle School
1710 West Washington Street
Harpers Ferry, West Virginia 25425

Eric Vandell, Principal


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  • Pop Tab Collection

    We are collecting Pop Tabs!  Please pull your pop tabs from your cans and send them in.  We are collecting them for a student at Jefferson High who has recently been diagnosed with Leukemia.  They will go to help support the Ronald McDonald House! We will continue collecting them after break as well. So Pull those Tabs and send them in.
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  •  Congratulations to Harpers Ferry Middle School!bravo

    Jefferson County Schools Receive Assessment Scores

    The West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) released the 2013-14 state annual assessment scores today.  Jefferson County Schools (JCS) ranked in the top ten school districts for all subject areas:  math, language arts, science and social studies. JCS placed 1st in Science Proficiency, 2nd in Social Studies, 6th in Reading Proficiency and 8th in Math Proficiency.


    “The latest state report underscores the success and continuing growth in student achievement in Jefferson County Schools,” said Susan Wall, Superintendent of Jefferson County Schools.  “This success, and our commitment to excellence in teaching and learning, is a reflection of the essential collaboration and engagement of students, teachers, parents, staff and our community."


    To access the complete report, please visit ZoomWV athttp://wvde.state.wv.us/zoomwv/

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  • Science Superstars / Level 2

    Behavioral and Social Sciences 
    1st Peyton Derrick / The Color of Numbers 
    2nd Ellie Cotterill / The Stroop Effect 
    3rd Alexis Woodward / Do Fears Change with Age 
    HM Allison Bennett / Man vs Woman Superstitions
    1st Sierra Knott / Evaporation Race
    2nd Logan Foutz / How Salty does the Sea have to be for an egg to float?
    3rd Jenna Wermers / How long it takes for an Egg to Lose it's Shell?
    HM Isabelle Liddell /Self Inflatable Balloon
    HM Will Rickets / What is the best way to erase graffiti?
    HM Allison Vance / What temperature makes the best rock candy?
    HM Caylah Clark / Dissolving Peeps
    Energy and Transportation 
    1st Zach Knott / Batteries: Cost vs. Life
    2nd Kylie Dempsey / Riding on Air
    3rd Justin Brown / Hovercraft
    HM Kennedy Petrie/ Which produce produces more power?
    HM Ethan Quigley / Electrical Current
    1st Zachary Kelly / The fly matters
    2nd Carley Smith / Lasting Gum Flavor
    3rd Brianna Martin / Which is the strongest fishing line?
    HM Kate Hefner / Making a Solar Oven 
    Environmental Science 
    1st Trevor Letterman / Are ozone levels affected by the weather?
    2nd Cameron Henderson / Which filter is best?
    3rd Zavier Thompson / Effect of Buffer Zone on a lake
    Medicine and Health 
    1st Mikayla Offutt / Temple Run
    2nd Sierra Nuckolls / Glucose in Drinks
    3rd Ethan Harner / Does music affect your heart rate?
    HM Kalin Gregg / How does your brain react to stimulus?
    HM Kristian Moore / Can bones bend?
    Microbiology & Cellular Biology 
    1st Taylor Lewis / Best Way to Prevent the Spread of Mold & Bacteria
    2nd Amanda Butcher / Extracting Onion DNA
    3rd Emily Austin / Where germs are found
    HM Makenzye Schauer / How does mold grow?
    HM Ashley Brunty / Does a dog's mouth have more bacteria than a human?
    1st Jason Gerrad / Sound in Sand
    2nd Amber Simpson / Magnetic Slime
    3rd Jackson Hurrey / Wooden vs. Aluminum Bats
    HM Aiden Turney / Does increased lighting improve throwing....
    HM Brayden Peterson / Can perpetual motion produce usuable energy?
    HM Mark Dafffron / How firefighter suits affect speed
    HM Dylan McCartney / Grips on baseball versus spin and throwing accuracy
    1st Dominic Thompson / Does practice me perfect?
    2nd Kellie Fisher / Affects of pH on marine shellfish
    3rd Andrew Bartel / Foods dogs favor 
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  • WVSTEAM Videos Now At WV Learning Media


    Five interactive videos have been added to the WV Learning Media library that will help middle and high school students explore careers in science, technology, engineering, arts and math (And they seem to be fun for adults, too!).Which one will you check out first-nano engineer, pipefitter, nurse, metalworker/sculptor or forensic scientist?



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  •     box top

     Save Your Box Tops for Education!
    Look for Labels!
    Stop by the library and pick up at Box Top sheet for recording your Box Tops!
    Cut and Glue Box Tops on Recording sheet! 

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